Learning Step I: Getting Use to the Water

The students must first get use to the water and trust themselves. A positive contact with the water is given to them in a playful manner. The most important aspects are breathing, diving and floating. They form the basis for further courses in the learning stages.

Learning Step II: Build-up of Basic Exercises

With many other basic exercises in the areas of breathing, gliding and floating the students get to know new motion sequences and to move in various possibilities in the water.

Learning Step III: Basic Forms of Swimming Techniques

In this step the students learn the different swimming styles which are provided for them by specific technical exercises.

Learning Step IV: Structured Techniques Training for individual Purposes

To be able to swim even more efficiently, the technical motion sequence of the respective swimming styles: back-stroke, crawl or breast-stroke are analysed even more exactly and improved by structured exercises in the water or on land.


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